Genealogy in Our Homeschool

There is a new resource for Catholic Homeschool families who are interested in Genealogy. Family of God by Maryanne Patterson is program to help bring a year’s worth of genealogy study and prayer into your home. I found this program through Emmanuel Books and in their description they sounded very excited about it. The sub title is “A Study of History through Genealogy for Catholic Homeschooling Families.” The book begins with (what else?) an introduction and overview. Next resources are discussed. The importance of speaking to your living relatives is stressed and asking the right questions so that you can get the history as they remember it before they are gone.   Many resource ideas including several websites are given. The next section is for planning your year of study. There are so many wonderful ideas for hands on learning incorporated into this year of study that it just blows me away.  The ideas are arranged by weeks.  Being a somewhat experienced researcher of genealogy, this author has given me ideas that I have never thought of before. It is very exciting reading and while going through this section, I cannot wait to start implementing this program with the children. As if all of that were not enough, the book continues with ideas and activities for getting to know your countries of origin.  After that a section concentrates on immigration and journeys to get to the US. There is a large section on Life in America with activities and ideas for all sorts of things such as churches, games, fashion, patron saints, and the list goes on and on. The last section, but certainly not the least, is praying for our ancestors and all the holy souls.

Throughout the book, the author gives stories and pictures of her adventures into her family tree. They are wonderful examples to follow and springboards for more idea. Along with this book containing all of these wonderful things, there is also a smaller prayer guide that can be purchased for each child if you wish. I am quite sure that there will be several posts on this subject throughout the year.


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