And They’re Off…

The pumpkin plants, that is.  There are 16 out of 25 mounds that have very nice leaves coming out.  Also spotted were several deer prints.  I hope that doesn’t become a problem.  All the Winter Luxury mounds are coming up and there is at least one of everything else.  One of the 4 mounds of King of Mammoth has still not started yet.  It seems as if Howden pumpkins are the slowest to start.  Oh how I wish the digital camera was not broken so I could show these wonderful little plants.

The other day radishes also were planted.  The three varieties are sprouting nicely.  Radishes are so fun to grow because they are so easy.    The three varieties that are growing are Cherry Belle, German Giant, and Japanese Minowase Daikon.   The Cherry Belle was the 1949 All American Selection winner.  These radishes can be planted and harvested all season long and they take about 20 – 30 days to mature.   Next is the German Giant.  Any plant with the word German in it gets consideration from me.  That is very much our heritage here.  (Sir names include Sieben, Schultz, Kaltenbach, etc…)  The size of this radish interested me as well.   Descriptions say that it keeps its flavor even though it is large and it rarely splits.  We’ll see in a month or so.  The next selection was not chosen for our ancestors.  The Japanese Minowase Daikon is a long white radish.  We chose it because I like to dabble with macrobiotic cooking and the daikon radish is almost a staple.  It is very good for helping to digest fried and fatty foods and it just tastes so good, especially in barley and dried shiitake mushroom stew.   When we have our salmon dinners on Sunday, everyone likes pickled radishes that I make by slicing the red radishes very thin and putting them in a pickle press with Ume plum vinegar.  (You can get that at your local health food store.  We use Eden brand.)  They sit the pickle press anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours.  If they are too salty they can be rinsed, but here the boys like them fresh from the press.

2 Responses to “And They’re Off…”

  1. Gary Says:

    You list the “Granny Cantrell’s” German tomato. I was the first to grow this variety as it was given to me directly and I shared seed from which your and BC seeds came….I have e-mailed BC several times to correct their dsescription — Lettie died in 2005.
    Thank You.
    Gary Millwood

  2. AnniDeno Says:

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