Catholic Homeschoolers in Bodenburg

Today was a very interesting and exciting day. We hosted our Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool group’s picnic. Also invited were some others in the area who were not part of that group. I have been wanting to get some of these families together since we met them.

The picnic was to start at 11:00 am. At 10:00 am, while scrubbing a toilet, I thought I heard a car pull up. Panic stricken and not showered or even out of my pajamas, running around to see a huge dirt and junk pile on the floor in the “great room”, the thought crossed my mind, “Oh well, you’ll just have to be embarrassed.” Looking out the window there was a white Suburban and a woman in a denim skirt. Sounds like a homeschooler, doesn’t it? It certainly looked like one and we are so spread out in this group that sometimes you don’t know one another very well. Well, it was a Jehovah’s witness coming to call. My husband was out there and took care of that. Never have I been more relived to hear that they had called before!

Things got done and people started to arrive. The plan was to have some fun relay races. Well they never happened. Our storm door on the front had broken yesterday and would now not stay closed. My husband ran out to Home Depot to get some things to fix it. When he came home he asked if we had seen the dog today. The children said they had not and Joe told me that here was a carcass just a little way down the road. He said he was going back to check on that. By this time plenty of people had arrived.

One of the wonderful things about today was we found out there are a couple of homeschoolers at our church that we did not know about. While holding Charlotte and speaking to this woman from our church that I just met, Charlotte threw up. (Great first impression, don’t you think? Ha, ha!) Charlotte got a quick bath and Joe came up to tell me that it was in fact our dog Liga on the side of the road. (Let me just say that she was getting old (13), deaf, and loosing her footing on a regular basis. Yesterday she tried to bite me which she has never done before, so I figured the end was near, just didn’t know this near.)

When the bath was over and my shirt was changed, we came out to find the boys playing football. Then everyone started eating. I made sandwiches for our children while Joe cut up watermelon for everyone. By the time I got outside again people were heading down to the creek. A bit later I took some down to the creek. Time was flying and the next thing I knew people were starting to pack up as it was almost 2 pm. Then some nasty looking clouds started coming. It was just like last year’s picnic in Decatur, AL. We drove home in a nasty storm. It did storm here a little, but not too bad.

We had a wonderful day and Joe is already talking about next year’s picnic. It was wonderful fellowship and fun, despite the few loops thrown in.


One Response to “Catholic Homeschoolers in Bodenburg”

  1. Jen Mackintosh Says:

    It was a great picnic Kristin! The kids and I had a great time, and how wonderful that Fr. accidentally announced your picnic in the bulletin. Otherwise, those wonderful homeschool families would have never found you!

    We had so much fun at the creek! I thought I’d died and gone to nature study heaven! I mean honestly – crawfish and quartz everywhere! There is so much scope for the imagination at your place. Your whole family is so welcoming! Next year if you host, I hope I can bring my husband!!

    I am truly sorry about your dog. How sad!

    God Bless you all!

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