Contenders Banquet, May 19.

Still trying to catch up on posts! We could not stay in Virginia another day because Joe had a dentist appointment the day after we got home. Then on that Saturday we had our banquet for Contenders for the Faith, which is like a Christian boy scout program. We just love being around all of these families and it was a special treat for the Dad’s who don’t usually get together. Our leader, Lauie, put together a wonderful packet that listed all the awards that the children were getting. Along with Contenders, there is also a girls group that meets called Keepers at Home. This banquet was for both. John recieved archery, baking, birds, chess, first aid, leatherworking, rockertry, and service to others. Kevin received archery, baking, chess, first aid, leaterworking, rocketry, and service to others. James, who joined about mid-year received baking, first aid, and service to others.

We had a lovely pot-luck dinner. For the award presentation, each family went up and the parents said a few words to or about their children. It was really well done. I only wish my pictures had come out as well as the evening did. Here are a few of the better ones:

Some of the Keepers banquet2.jpg

At the buffet table banquet3.jpg

Some of the younger girls banquet5.jpg

Fascinated with sweeping banquet6.jpg

Our boys receiving their awards banquet1.jpg


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