Why is the Tooth Fairy Always Late?

James has lost a lot of teeth lately. Unfortunately the tooth fairy has been late for every last one. Once she even left $10! Perhaps it was because she didn’t have any change on her and she didn’t want to be 3 days late instead of 2. And there were two teeth under the pillow that night. Anyway the children were discussing why she is late. Here is what they came up with:

“It must be because I left her a note. When I took the note away she finally came.” -James

“She must be really busy.” -Kevin

“I think she is just getting OLD.” -MaryEllen

I think that last one takes the cake. That must be the reason.


One Response to “Why is the Tooth Fairy Always Late?”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    The tooth fairy only comes to my house if the child’s room is clean…

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