Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlotte!

Today is Charlotte’s birthday.  We had a big day today trying to make a cake in time for our play day.  At play date we had Mrs. Gabbett, Miss Brenda, and Deacon Mike stop by.  Mom-Mom’s package arrived in the mail with not only a lovely card, but two matching dresses for the girls.  When we went to playdate, Charlotte was asleep.  She stayed asleep until James got stung by a wasp.  All that excitement was followed by a nice gathering and singing of “Happy Birhtday” led by Kevin.  After that a nice round of “May the good Lord bless you” in the tune of Happy Birthday led by Mrs. Gabbett.  Everyone enjoyed the cake and a nice “Happy Birthday Charlotte” sign made by Siena.  Siena and her mom also brought baloons to enjoy.  What fun.   As soon as we got in the car to leave Charlotte put her sunglasses on.  By the time we got home she was fast asleep.  So, I think we’ll end with that picture.

girls32.jpg      girlsncats.jpg     

candles.jpg     asleep.jpg


One Response to “Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlotte!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl.

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