Our Trip, New Jersey

Well, we had a wonderful trip. The days we drove were beautiful. We left on Thursday May 10 around 9 am and arrived in our friend’s driveway in Front Royal, VA promptly at 1:00 am the next day. We slept for a few hours and were on the road again a little before 8:00 am.

We arrived in New Jersey to my sister’s house in the afternoon and were greeted by my Mom, brother-in-law, and a different sister. We set up “camp” and hung around there for a while waiting for 5:00 when my niece would be all dolled up for a Junior prom. After that we went out to dinner with our good friends, the Tooths. It would not be a trip to Tuckerton without going to one of my all time favorite restaurants “Naples” which has been around about as long as I can remember.

The next day (Saturday) was splendid. Joe and I took a walk to the local cemetery where we visited some old friends. On the way back we ran into another old friend (one that is alive!) and his two small sons. After that it was onto Mom’s birthday party. We saw a lot of relatives. It was a lot of fun. I am really short of good pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. (If I have some spare time soon, I’ll go through my sister Marie’s pictures. They came out much better than mine.)


This is Charlotte with a roll. Notice she is not wearing pants. She was wearing a cheap diaper since I didn’t have time to get to Costco before we left. It leaked all down her pants and we had to wash them. Ahhh, the joys of diapering!


This one is the 3 Jims. My cousin Jim, my son James, and my nephew Jim.


This last one is my son and his cousin, Mike. Funny thing he got a picture with both of them. Jim and Mike are brothers. When Joe and I were discussing baby names while pregnant with my James I said that I didn’t want James or Michael because my nephews had those names already. A few minutes after birth and the people declaring it was a boy, my husband said, “How about James Michael?” I said, “OK.”

We left the party which was an hour away from where we were staying. We arrived back in Tuckerton just in time to see some old friends, Jerry, Walter, and Bob. They told me that our friend Roy was recovering from prostrate cancer surgery. So, please keep Roy in your prayers (and also Walter who has lung cancer.)

On Sunday we went to St. Mary of the Pine’s Catholic church in Manahawkin, NJ. We met a wonderful priest by the name of Fr. Joseph Jakub. On the way home we stopped to see an old victorian house. Let me explain. If you are a homeschooling mother and have not already done so, I recommend you read the book “Pocket-Full of Pine Cones” by Karen Andreola. In the story the family ends up in a Victorian house running a bed and breakfast. At the book’s end in the notes the author writes that she based her character loosely on her great-grandmother who had a Victorian house on R. 9 in New Jersey. I wrote to the author telling her that I grew up a few block away from Rt. 9 and traveled it extensively, and asked where that house was located. It was Mayetta, only a few miles from where I grew up. We stopped on the side of the road so the picture is not great, but here it is.


After that we took the children back to my sister’s house where she watched them why we went to see Roy and Ellie. It was good to see them. Roy is the same stubborn little grunt of a man! He was up and around, even though you could see it was a bit painful to get up for him.


The only problem with this trip was every time we turned around we had to say, “Oh, it’s time to go!” Perhaps next time we’ll have more time. That is exactly what happened at Roy & Ellie’s. We ran back to my sister’s to pick up the children and go to our friends’ house, Vicki & Doug and their family. The boys love to play together and the girls got right into dressing up. Vicki and I made a nice tuna fish and salad lunch. Then all too soon, it was time to run again! Here are the girls. I don’t know why we didn’t get pictures of the boys.

dressup.jpg joy.jpg

After that stop we went back to my sister’s house. momchar.jpgMy other sister and her husband were already there so we got to visit with them some more. After they left it was onto the Tooth’s house for a mother’s day picnic. We had a wonderful evening there. They have a miniature dachshund ( You know, a hot dog.  Thank you, Kelly, for the correct spelling!) His name is Bosco. The children loved playing with him. Later in the evening, Aunt Maddie held everyone’s attention by doing a card trick. Later we took pictures of the children (although a couple of them seem to be adults now.)

bosco.jpg cardtrick.jpg

gang.jpg boys.jpg


The next morning we bid farewell to the family and off to Northern Virginia we went. But, that is for another post.


One Response to “Our Trip, New Jersey”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love the pictures- Reminds me of when I used to play dress-up!

    I’ve got a lot of old dance costumes at my parents’ house. I should go through them one day and send them on to Charlotte and MaryEllen. Lots of twirly skirts! Can’t help the boys out, though- sorry guys!

    Love to all,

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