No School Work Got Done Today!

We started this morning in the usual way, with Mass. After that we went to Centerville, TN to pick up James’s glasses. He needs them for reading and close up work. Before we left for Mass we noticed Fancy, the Mom cat and that she brought one of the kittens up. Well, we were almost late for Mass because of that.

When we finally got home, Joe took the children in the garage to find a box. He set it up with some straw and put all the kittens in it. Do you really think those children can leave 4 kitten be? I don’t think so. I did finally give the cats a break this afternoon and then the children had them out in the grass. They are really cute. I just hope that poor Fancy does not feel the need to move them again. I took some pictures and then it was time to recharge the camera batteries. What I didn’t take a picture of (where is the camera when you need it) was when Kevin was sitting at the toddler table on the porch. On the table was one of the kittens, cat food scattered, and Kevin was studying the kitten’s face with a magnifying glass. It was cute.

So far the names are….Pumpkin (the orange one), Gray (not pictured, but…well…gray), Charcoal (the dark gray cat), and the light cat is Yancy, son of Fancy. We’ll see if it’s a boy or a girl later!

cats.jpg jamescat.jpg kevincat.jpg

mecat.jpg jamescat2.jpg


One Response to “No School Work Got Done Today!”

  1. Marie Says:

    Beautiful kitties and kiddies! 🙂

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