Blacky under the Bridge’s Skin

Well, the big prize today when I went to the mail was a nice snake skin. The facial part was under the bridge, so while it was not in great shape, one can still see one eye. Also, John wanted me to be sure that I got a good picture of the tail. He immediately said it was not a rattle snake and that was when I told him it belonged to Blacky. (We still have not told the children where Blacky is because the bridge is near the highway and we don’t want them down that far. Boys being boys, especially Kevin who moved all our landscaping rocks to find snakes, will go down there to see him.) Well, upon looking at the pictures, the eye shots came out too blurry.  Here are the other pictures.

snakeskin1.jpg snakeskin2.jpg


2 Responses to “Blacky under the Bridge’s Skin”

  1. Marie Says:

    Does John get snake skin slippers now?

  2. KC Says:

    That’s pretty neat although this squeamish mother would probably have yelled for someone to throw it away. 🙂

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