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Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlotte!

May 31, 2007

Today is Charlotte’s birthday.  We had a big day today trying to make a cake in time for our play day.  At play date we had Mrs. Gabbett, Miss Brenda, and Deacon Mike stop by.  Mom-Mom’s package arrived in the mail with not only a lovely card, but two matching dresses for the girls.  When we went to playdate, Charlotte was asleep.  She stayed asleep until James got stung by a wasp.  All that excitement was followed by a nice gathering and singing of “Happy Birhtday” led by Kevin.  After that a nice round of “May the good Lord bless you” in the tune of Happy Birthday led by Mrs. Gabbett.  Everyone enjoyed the cake and a nice “Happy Birthday Charlotte” sign made by Siena.  Siena and her mom also brought baloons to enjoy.  What fun.   As soon as we got in the car to leave Charlotte put her sunglasses on.  By the time we got home she was fast asleep.  So, I think we’ll end with that picture.

girls32.jpg      girlsncats.jpg     

candles.jpg     asleep.jpg

Fred Thompson for President!!!!

May 31, 2007

Read all about Fred Thompson here.

I’ve been tagged…

May 29, 2007

…by Jennifer over at Wildflowers and Marbles. This week has been so busy with traveling and banquets and all those other things that I didn’t even know I was tagged several days ago.

If you have been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award, you are supposed to:

  1. Write a post linking to 5 blogs that make you think,
  2. Link back to this post so that folks can find the exact origin of the meme,
  3. Optional: Display the “Thinking Blogger Award” logo with a link to the post that earned you the reward in the first place.

Now for the hard part – narrowing it down to 5 blogs…

1. First of all, Jennifer’s blog always makes me think. It is extremely difficult to pick out just one post, but there was this one that talked about her children in Heaven. Since we had just lost a child for the first time, this post was comforting, timely, and (of course) very well written.

2. I really enjoy reading about Michele’s adventures and wisdom over at Family-Centered Life. This post is about confirmation. There is a lot of food for thought and some wonderful quotes from her bishop.

3. I recently found a blog called Gladdest Hours. This post on a Baptism box really caught my attention. All of our Baptismal birthdays are written on the calendar and I really wanted to celebrate them more. This will certainly help. I am also looking forward to reading the rest of her organization posts.

4. In a Spacious Place is one of those blogs where there is always something to think about.

5. After all this thinking, sometimes a nice laugh really helps. I can usually get one visiting this priest’s blog! But, sometimes he does make me think.

As it has taken me two weeks to even get this post done, I better just leave it at that and post it! Enjoy!

Our Trip, Virginia

May 26, 2007

As usual, posting is falling behind.

One May 14th we packed up our things in New Jersey and set out for Virginia. We ate breakfast at Mary Lou’s house before we left. This next picture is titled “Breakfast with Sushi.”


Do you want to know how our trip started out? When I got into the car, James said, “Look at me, Mom.” This is what I saw:


Yes, those are golf balls. Notice two front teeth. He lost them both in Virginia.

We had a quick trip to Northern Virginia. We hoped to stop and see Uncle Jeff, which we did. Charlotte had a wonderful time playing with his watering cans.


Our next stop was to see our good friends Homer and Marie. I could just kick myself for not getting any pictures!!! They live on the 22nd floor of a building, so that is always exciting for the children. Also they had all kinds of scrapbook goodies out for the children to play with, muffins, and juice.

As in New Jersey, it seemed like as soon as we were settled it was time to leave. Marie gave us wonderful directions to St. Lawrence Catholic church. That is where our former pastor is. We had not seen him since 2003 so it was wonderful. It was also wonderful to be at devotions. It was devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help with Adoration. What more can you ask for? After devotions we talked to a few of the parishioners there who complimented us on the beautiful family we have. Then we went to the rectory for some drinks. They have a nice little screened in gazebo there and we had soda (ahhh! It’s good to give the children soda once in a while because then you remember why you don’t usually do that.) When we were getting ready to leave, Father presented our alter boys with a special mug, along with the warning that if they ever approve of girl alter servers the mug would break in their hands. (Why is it not OK to have female alter servers? Because it breaks church tradition.) The mug has a picture of the late Bishop Keating who never allowed alter girls. We did have a wonderful time visiting Fr. He was letting Charlotte slap him five and when she did that, he would slap himself. She was quite impressed with that reaction. He was also going around with the water pitcher over children’s heads asking if they had been baptized. We just love his sense of humor. Then it got late and we had to go. On we went to Front Royal. We arrived there around 11 pm, parked and went to bed.

frpcup.jpg frpkids.jpg

On May 15 the children spent the day with the children where we were staying, MaryEllen’s Godparents house. There are lots of children and always exciting things for the children to do. They even have a horse now that the children got to ride. Joe and I spent the day checking out the old road and his brother’s property. On the way out, we saw the neighbors were home. I suggested we stop to say hello. Two hours later we left, but not before I came out the door to see Joe with an ax in his had helping to fix a brick walkway. It was very nice to see the Hoovers. We spent the evening at our friend’s house and Joe went out for Chinese with MaryEllen’s Godfather.

eman.jpg cargun.jpg

The next day was packed full of activity. We went to our favorite used bookstore, Pagemaster, to see Mrs. Judy. She was very happy to see all those children again. Again, I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture. After that we stopped at my favorite Catholic store, Faithful and True, and even managed to pick up some stuff for our home school next year. Yeah! After that it was off to the playground to meet up with many friends. It started raining a bit, but we mothers were under the pavilion. We stayed there for a few hours and then went off to Charlotte’s Godparents house. (Unfortunately we missed her God father. He was working late.) There is always a handful of children to play with there as well. Here is Charlotte with her God mother and “God siblings.”

chargodmother.jpg littlebro.jpg chargodsibs.jpg

When we left there, went back to the trailer to change, and made a mad dash for another family’s house for dinner. This is the picture that I most regret not taking. This family had everyone home except the oldest who is in seminary. We had a wonderful time. The boys went out to play football before dinner. The food was wonderful, a nice chicken and rice dish, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and the best asparagus I have ever tasted. They said that was from their garden. The time flew much too fast and everyone (read adults) were getting pretty tired and we knew we had a long drive the next day.

Back to home base where we stayed up way too late with our friends having a wonderful time. Almost forgot to mention, that was the day that James lost both of his top front teeth.


The next day we packed up. It was bitter-sweet. We passed by New Market battlefield where they were getting ready for the reenactment the next day. We went to that reenactment every year! Then we stopped at the Green Valley Book fair. Ahh, how we love books!  We thought it perfect timing that we were in the area while that was going on.  It is only open certain dates.  The rest of the trip was uneventful and we got home around midnight.

The most memorable quote was from James as we were driving in the Shenandoah Valley.  “Why did we leave this place?  I live Virginia.”

Our Trip, New Jersey

May 20, 2007

Well, we had a wonderful trip. The days we drove were beautiful. We left on Thursday May 10 around 9 am and arrived in our friend’s driveway in Front Royal, VA promptly at 1:00 am the next day. We slept for a few hours and were on the road again a little before 8:00 am.

We arrived in New Jersey to my sister’s house in the afternoon and were greeted by my Mom, brother-in-law, and a different sister. We set up “camp” and hung around there for a while waiting for 5:00 when my niece would be all dolled up for a Junior prom. After that we went out to dinner with our good friends, the Tooths. It would not be a trip to Tuckerton without going to one of my all time favorite restaurants “Naples” which has been around about as long as I can remember.

The next day (Saturday) was splendid. Joe and I took a walk to the local cemetery where we visited some old friends. On the way back we ran into another old friend (one that is alive!) and his two small sons. After that it was onto Mom’s birthday party. We saw a lot of relatives. It was a lot of fun. I am really short of good pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. (If I have some spare time soon, I’ll go through my sister Marie’s pictures. They came out much better than mine.)


This is Charlotte with a roll. Notice she is not wearing pants. She was wearing a cheap diaper since I didn’t have time to get to Costco before we left. It leaked all down her pants and we had to wash them. Ahhh, the joys of diapering!


This one is the 3 Jims. My cousin Jim, my son James, and my nephew Jim.


This last one is my son and his cousin, Mike. Funny thing he got a picture with both of them. Jim and Mike are brothers. When Joe and I were discussing baby names while pregnant with my James I said that I didn’t want James or Michael because my nephews had those names already. A few minutes after birth and the people declaring it was a boy, my husband said, “How about James Michael?” I said, “OK.”

We left the party which was an hour away from where we were staying. We arrived back in Tuckerton just in time to see some old friends, Jerry, Walter, and Bob. They told me that our friend Roy was recovering from prostrate cancer surgery. So, please keep Roy in your prayers (and also Walter who has lung cancer.)

On Sunday we went to St. Mary of the Pine’s Catholic church in Manahawkin, NJ. We met a wonderful priest by the name of Fr. Joseph Jakub. On the way home we stopped to see an old victorian house. Let me explain. If you are a homeschooling mother and have not already done so, I recommend you read the book “Pocket-Full of Pine Cones” by Karen Andreola. In the story the family ends up in a Victorian house running a bed and breakfast. At the book’s end in the notes the author writes that she based her character loosely on her great-grandmother who had a Victorian house on R. 9 in New Jersey. I wrote to the author telling her that I grew up a few block away from Rt. 9 and traveled it extensively, and asked where that house was located. It was Mayetta, only a few miles from where I grew up. We stopped on the side of the road so the picture is not great, but here it is.


After that we took the children back to my sister’s house where she watched them why we went to see Roy and Ellie. It was good to see them. Roy is the same stubborn little grunt of a man! He was up and around, even though you could see it was a bit painful to get up for him.


The only problem with this trip was every time we turned around we had to say, “Oh, it’s time to go!” Perhaps next time we’ll have more time. That is exactly what happened at Roy & Ellie’s. We ran back to my sister’s to pick up the children and go to our friends’ house, Vicki & Doug and their family. The boys love to play together and the girls got right into dressing up. Vicki and I made a nice tuna fish and salad lunch. Then all too soon, it was time to run again! Here are the girls. I don’t know why we didn’t get pictures of the boys.

dressup.jpg joy.jpg

After that stop we went back to my sister’s house. momchar.jpgMy other sister and her husband were already there so we got to visit with them some more. After they left it was onto the Tooth’s house for a mother’s day picnic. We had a wonderful evening there. They have a miniature dachshund ( You know, a hot dog.  Thank you, Kelly, for the correct spelling!) His name is Bosco. The children loved playing with him. Later in the evening, Aunt Maddie held everyone’s attention by doing a card trick. Later we took pictures of the children (although a couple of them seem to be adults now.)

bosco.jpg cardtrick.jpg

gang.jpg boys.jpg


The next morning we bid farewell to the family and off to Northern Virginia we went. But, that is for another post.

R.I.P. Dena

May 19, 2007

We’ll certainly miss Dena who passed away early this morning. We are greatful to have known such a wonderful woman and we are also greatful that her suffering is over. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for her family, especially her son, Jared. Here is my previous post about Dena.

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

May 19, 2007

Today is my Mom’s 80th Birthday. We were recently in New Jersey for the party. (More about that later.)

Happy Birthday, Mom! We hope you have a wonderful day. God bless you.


Today is also Irene Tooth Biles’s 23rd Birthday. I have known her since she was about 2. How is that possible? Happy Birthday Irene and God bless you, too!  Here she is pictured with her brother, Steve.


And, last, but not least, today is our friend Fr. Pokorsky’s 17th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Fr. Pokorsky. We hope you have many more! God bless you.


No School Work Got Done Today!

May 7, 2007

We started this morning in the usual way, with Mass. After that we went to Centerville, TN to pick up James’s glasses. He needs them for reading and close up work. Before we left for Mass we noticed Fancy, the Mom cat and that she brought one of the kittens up. Well, we were almost late for Mass because of that.

When we finally got home, Joe took the children in the garage to find a box. He set it up with some straw and put all the kittens in it. Do you really think those children can leave 4 kitten be? I don’t think so. I did finally give the cats a break this afternoon and then the children had them out in the grass. They are really cute. I just hope that poor Fancy does not feel the need to move them again. I took some pictures and then it was time to recharge the camera batteries. What I didn’t take a picture of (where is the camera when you need it) was when Kevin was sitting at the toddler table on the porch. On the table was one of the kittens, cat food scattered, and Kevin was studying the kitten’s face with a magnifying glass. It was cute.

So far the names are….Pumpkin (the orange one), Gray (not pictured, but…well…gray), Charcoal (the dark gray cat), and the light cat is Yancy, son of Fancy. We’ll see if it’s a boy or a girl later!

cats.jpg jamescat.jpg kevincat.jpg

mecat.jpg jamescat2.jpg

Today’s Clouds

May 5, 2007

Earlier today it was thundering a bit.   Looking out the windows it looked rather sunny, so I went out to see where it was coming from.  There was a nice, big thunderhead.  It didn’t amount to much, but it did bring a little bit of much needed rain.

cloud1.jpg     clouds2.jpg     clouds3.jpg

Friday at the Botanical Gardens

May 5, 2007

On Friday we had a Spelling Bee with our Catholic homeschool group.  Afterwards we did a little shopping and then went to one of our favorite places, the Huntsville Botanical Garden.  One of the new things this year was a tank in the nature center with an alligator turtle in it.  The turtle sits with its mouth open.  In the mouth there are these two little things that look like worms.  The turtle moves them to attract prey.  Really interesting.   The butterfly house is open!  Yeah.  That is where these pictures were taken.

garden1.jpg      garden2.jpg