A Few More Days

On Wednesday when we snuck in to see the kittens they were pretty wide awake.  It was the first time they ever saw humans.  They hissed, especially the really light one. They moved around a bit and I noticed that the light gray one seemed to have something wrong with its’ eye. Did one of the cats accidentaly scratch it and that was popping out or dried blood? John got the kitten for me, after all who (besides a child) wants to go under old barn stairs with all kinds of cobwebs and who knows what else? It turned out to be 6 or 7 good sized ticks right near its little eye. I got those buggers off and it was bloody, so into the house we went to get some triple-anti-biotic stuff on it. In the mean time Mama, Fancy went back. She was not there when we put the kitten back, but she knew we had it. The next day there was a mad search through the barn. We could not find those kittens. John got the idea that we all thought was nuts. There are stairs going to the 2nd floor where the cats hang out and then there is a wooden ladder straight up that goes to a third floor that is like a landing. Sure enough that is where those kittens are. Joe and I do not have a clue how the Mama got them up there.


For the first time I hung out clothes on the line. As soon as all the towels were hung, this is what the sky looked like…


Thursday: Caught!

The girls were mighty quiet on Thursday afternoon. Upon entering the kitchen they were caught doing the dishes.

caught1j.jpg caught2j.jpg

Today the children were playing in a fort that their father helped dig out for them. Also, Charlotte had an attitude all day long. Here are some pitiful pictures of her…

fortj.jpg pityj.jpg pity2j.jpg


5 Responses to “A Few More Days”

  1. mary lou Says:

    i thought that yo hang out everything BUT towels??? They get so rough!
    Nice sky, though…

  2. Donna Marie Says:

    You sure have lots of cuties living there in Bodenburg….:o)
    Hope you are feeling well…I was thinking of you today!
    Sent with a prayer!

  3. Marie Says:

    Cute kittens!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Kristen, you have the most beautiful little girls!!! I love the attitude face : )

  5. SuO Says:

    oh my – Kristen it’s been too long. I CANNOT believe MaryEllen and Charlotte are this big already! they are just gorgeous…
    well, wait until you see Tommy and Allison, lol. they just don’t stop growing either.

    and hey – you finally got my on your blog, lol!

    love, su

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