The Past Several Days…

Lots of pictures have been taken the past several days, but not one has been put on my blog. So, here is a little picture essay from the past few days.

One morning I came out to find a blanket fort in the den (our living room/dining room area). While pictures were being taken, Charlotte put a pair of my socks on.

fort1j.jpg fort2j.jpg charsockj.jpg

Later that same day…(April 20 if you’re wondering)…

ligaj.jpg shabj.jpg char20j1.jpg

On Sunday we went to 8:00 am Mass (a small feat in itself for a Sunday) and it happened to be First Communion in Lawrenceburg. After that we headed to Cullman, Alabama to the Saint Bernard Abbey and Ave Maria Grotto. (One little note for those of you without a southern draw. In our Northern Language, we always pronounced Bernard as “ber NARD.” Down here it is “BARN erd”). There really was not too many photo opps here, but it was a nice day. As we were walking through the parking lot, I was telling Joe that there might be an entrance fee, but I couldn’t remember. The minute after I said that, a nice lady walked up to us and asked if we had tickets yet. We said no. She then handed us a pass for 4 that she won from a radio station. We thanked her and Joe immediately asked if I had prayed for that. (He must think my prayers are pretty good!) But, I hadn’t, so we went on. There were lots of vendors, a few kids jumpy things to go on and a little “train” ride that was a tractor pulling some carts. I think that may have been the best part. One picture that I did get was the back of John’s head as he was looking at the memorial piece that was placed in honor of the monk who did all the sculpting. We have been to the grotto twice before so we didn’t go in this time.


Now, that evening we returned before dark so there was plenty of time to play. Kevin found a nice ring snake. Sorry for the blur, but a good snake is hard to keep still.

snake1j.jpg snake2j.jpg snake3j.jpg

Now, the next day, Monday, April 23, 2007…

We went to see the kittens. The boys were waiting for me on the storm shelter roof.

waitingj.jpg kittens1j.jpg

Then at some point the girls were having a fit. Who can resist these two little sad faces? (Their Mom, that’s who!)


Now, while on a roll, onto today…

Yesterday in the mail came the new chapel veils for the girls. MaryEllen just could not wait to wear hers to Mass, even wearing her pink dress to go with it. (We got white and pink.) Whatever MaryEllen does, Charlotte must do as well. By the way, we got these gems from Modesty Veils.


When I went out for a walk, I saw Fancy, the Mama cat, coming up the hill. So, I just had to take a peek. They were moving around a bit today. Here they are…

kittens3j.jpg kittens4j.jpg

On my way up to the house this is what I saw…

mej.jpg charlj.jpg charl2j.jpg

After all that, we have even been getting our school done! Praise God!

Yesterday I buzzed the boys’ hair as well. I’ll have to get a picture of them next. They all look so handsome.


One Response to “The Past Several Days…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Goodness, you’ve been busy. I love the chapel veils. I got mine form Halo-works. I haven;t seen them this small there. The girls are so beautiful!!!

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