Our Houseplants

My last post inspired this one.  This houseplant thing is all new to me.  We didn’t have any houseplants in Virginia because we really had no place to put them where little hand couldn’t get.  Now here in Tennessee we have a lovely kitchen window with a sill!  I didn’t get a sill in VA until just before we moved because I needed one for a science project.   Anyway, my neighbor came over one day last year and declared that that sill would be a wonderful spot for a violet.  It just so happened that a church nearby was having a plant sale very soon after she said that.  This plant sale was no professional undertaking, so the prices were very reasonable.  I didn’t see may impressive looking plants, but I did see a nice looking violet (that had no flowers, but it was a good size) and an aloe plant.  For what seemed to be a very long time I wondered if that violet was ever going to bloom!  It just had no buds on it.   The plant finally did flower and hasn’t stopped since.  This winter it got a little sparce, but still, there were flowers.  Lately the thing is blooming all over the place.  I fear some of it needs to be transplanted, but I don’t know what to do!  I took pictures of both sides of the plant this morning.

violet1j.jpg       violet2j.jpg

As for the aloe, just yesterday Joe walked by and asked, “Just how many aloe plants does one need?”  I told him to ask the aloe plant that keeps on shooting up!   As was said before, I only bought one aloe plant.   Now we have plenty.  Here is the original plant (which I have transplanted 3 times now!)


Now we have 3 others in the kitchen and one out in Joe’s office.  Also notice the shoots in the soil already.  There is also a baby soot that I noticed hiding close to the mama plant on the other side.  When will it end?

aloe3j.jpg      aloe2j.jpg

Now, what to do with all the aloe?


3 Responses to “Our Houseplants”

  1. Jen Mackintosh Says:

    Kristen!! I AM SO EXCITED!! I have been looking for an aloe plant for a while now, with no success! Could I have one of your next little baby transplants?? I’ll supply a little pot and everything.

    By the way, have you decided what you’re doing with wordpress yet? You’re pictures are up on the website so I guess that issue is resolved right?

  2. Dorothy Stankavage Says:

    Spider plants are another that just won’t quit. They are so hard to kill even I might be able to keep them alive, if I had a sunny window space kids wouldn’t bother them. Those and (outside) strawberries and raspberries. The black ones taste better, but the red raspberries have less thorns.

  3. Dorothy Stankavage Says:

    I messed up the link in the last entry.

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