Well, we all noticed Fancy getting fatter and fatter. Today the children had not seen her all day. Finally in the evening she made her appearance, much skinnier than before. We went on a kitten hunt. We figured they would be somewhere in the barn. They were not in the stall with all the hay. The kids looked in every room and under the barn. Then they checked the drainage ditch because Fancy likes to go there as well. We got dad who has the key to the one room that we keep locked. It contains the stairs to the upper floor of the barn. We didn’t go far when Dad said, “There they are.” The were just under the first step in a small pile of hay. There are two orange, one tan, and two gray. The children were all so excited. They wanted to call everyone and tell them that we have kittens.


One Response to “Kittens!”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    How fun, instead of hunting for eggs (Easter) you got a kitten hunt…very exciting! Our puppies are almost 4 weeks old now and getting big. What a handful they are becoming. I hope kittens prove to be easy!!

    It is good to see all the updates on your family!


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