This Just In!

Today Charlotte was found wandering outside.  Dad came in and sternly asked the million dollar question, “Who left the front door open?”   The words “Not Me” echoed throughout the house.

Later in the day Charlotte was found opening several doors.  That answered Dad’s question.


We were in Costco on Sunday evening.  Charlotte had taken her shoes and socks off in the car and I put them back on just before going in the store.  I remember seeing her with both shoes on in the store as well.   Just as we were leaving she had only one shoe on.  We searched and searched the store and there was no little pink shoe to be found.

Since everyone needed new shoes anyway, I took everyone to the Moore’s store in Lawrenceburg after Mass on Monday morning.  Charlotte was sound asleep, so everyone else was fitted and got just what shoes they wanted.  Then it was Charlotte’s turn.  They were out of toddler size six little Merrell shoes.  I left the store, went home and searched the internet for Merrell dealers.  No one from here to Florence, AL, to Huntsville, to Columbia, TN has size toddler six pink pull on Merrell shoes.  So, the poor child is shoe-less until they come in to our local store.  Can you believe that?


2 Responses to “This Just In!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    That is unbelievable, and very frustrating. I hope you find them soon.

  2. krisvog Says:

    We finally went to Franklin, Tn, about an hour north and found them. The local store never called me to tell me they were in. So, Charlotte once again has shoes! Yeah!

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