Charlotte Asleep

I love this age when you never know when or where they will sleep. Here’s Charlotte a few days ago…

untitled2.jpg       chartiff.jpg

Yes, her legs are dangling.


2 Responses to “Charlotte Asleep”

  1. Jen Mackintosh Says:

    I’m glad you’re back Kristen. I’ve missed you! Been checking on you every day. Hope all has been well in your neck of the woods. Love the pictures – I just posted one just like it on my blog – JP fell asleep in the middle of the schoolroom! I love it when they do that!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I love the fact that I have actually seen someone do what I can do; SLEEP ANYWHERE, ANYHOW! Nobody understands how one person can sleep in a chair in the corner of a room at a party with 200 people. I CAN! This is not due to being drunk, having too much to drink or having narcolepsy. It happens either to get out of ones way, being so overly tired and having fought it for quite sometime, simple boredom or just plain worn out and comfy. I love it Kristen.
    Thank you Charlotte! This is why they say when you have children you always need a camera handy with film, flash and batteries. Of course now a days it is simple digital and if you don’t like the picture taken and reviewed, simply erase and try again.

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