Still No New Posts

This Mac thing has me going.  I am unable to upload photos to wordpress.  They told me it was Safari that was the problem and to switch to Firefox.   Well, I did that and photos still won’t load.  Other than that, I like the Mac better.   Hope all is well with you.  God bless.


3 Responses to “Still No New Posts”

  1. Jenn Miller Says:

    Oh, not good. We are considering purchasing a Mac but seeing if everything is compatible. I hope you can sort this out!

  2. laurahiblclark Says:

    Oh, so other than the fact that’s it doesn’t work, it’s great!

    You know we don’t do Mac’s here!

    Missed your updates!

  3. Jen Mackintosh Says:

    We switched to Macs about 8 years ago – and we’ve never looked back. They don’t crash, they’re so intuitive, and finally *they’re pretty*. Seriously, we’ve never had a problem with ours, and we upload to blogger and our website. I do prefer Firefox to Safari.

    I love your website Kristen! I’ve been visiting a lot lately. I finally decided to put a blog together myself. I have to admit that I really sort of enjoy journaling about our days. There’s always something the kids are doing, and I love posting pictures and movies for family to enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration!

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