Manning and the Colts are Super Bowl Champions!

by John Vogel

The Dolphins Stadium, February 4th, 2007

The Colts win a  victory at Dolphans Stadium in Miami Florida, 29-17

The First Quarter

On the first play of the game, the kickoff, Chicago got a 92 yard touchdown run.  The extra point by Robbie Gold was good.  On 3rd and 13, Peyton Manning threw to Marvin Harrison but was intercepted by Cris Harris.  Nick Harper was injured during the first quarter.   LB Gary Bracet had a good first quarter, having 2 tackles and holding the Bears with 3 first downs.  With 6:58 remaining, Peyton Manning threw 53 yards to Reggie Wayne.  TOUCHDOWN!  Adam Vinatiery had a bad snap during the the extra point, so he went for the 2 point conversion.  He started to run but was tackled.  Mushan Muhammad caught a 4 yard touchdown.  The extra point was good.

The Second Quarter

The Colts had the ball at the end of the first quarter so they got to keep the ball.  The rain was pouring down so the ball and uniforms were soaking wet.  At the end of the drive for the Colts, Adam Vinateiry kicked a field goal to put the score 14-9.  The Bears punted on their next drive.   At 9:57 left in the first half,  the Colts started another drive and scored a TOUCHDOWN when Dominic Rhodes went to the endzone.  The extra point was good, to put the score 16-14.   A couple of drives later, Peyton Manning  threw to his least favorite target and the receiver fumbled!  Chicago recovered the ball.  During the next play, Chicago funbled and the Colts recovered!  On the last play of the first half Adam Vinatiery missed a 36 yard field goal when the ball went wide left.

The Third Quarter

The Colts got the ball.  They had the ball for 7 minutes and 26 seconds.  The drive ended with Adam Vinatiery’s 24 yard field goal to put the score 19-14.  The Bears punted again and the Colts got the ball.  Adam Vinatiery kicked a 20 yard field goal to put the score 22-17.  The Colts had 7 first downs, the Bears had 2.

The Fourth Quarter

The Colts continued their dirve and Marvin Harrison was injured, but his return was probable.  The Colts punted and the Bears got the ball.  Rex Grossman threw to Mushan Muhammad and was intercepted by Kelvin Haden.  He ran 56 yards.  TOUCHDOWN!  The Bears called a challenge and the Colts won that challenge.  Kelvin Haden had his first career inerception.  Rex Grossman intercepted one more time.  The Colts won in the last seconds.


Peyton Manning won the most valuable player of the game.   He had 25 completions out of 38 attemps  for 247 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.   RB Dominic Rhodes had 21 attemps for 113 yards.

Team Statistics

Colts                  Bears
24                       11                       First Downs
2-3                     2-2                     Extra points Made – Attempts
3-4                     1-1                     Field Goals Made – Attempts
0                         0                         Safteies
42-191-1         19-111-0          Rushes – Yards – Touchdowns
38:04               21:56                Time of Possession
11                       5                         Kicker Points
225                   147                    Return Yards
89                      138                    Kickoff Return Yards
92                      6                         Interception Yards
42                      3                         Punt Return Yards
662                  413                     Total Yards
3                        5                         Turnovers
12-4                 13-3                   Team Record


4 Responses to “Manning and the Colts are Super Bowl Champions!”

  1. Kevin Vogel Says:

    Hi John.

    I like the comment. I thought that Peyton Manning
    would throw 4 interceptions!
    I would like to thank you for making that!
    It was great!
    see you later

    your brother,


  2. Dad Says:

    Hi John,

    You picked the Winner!!! Way to go.

    Your post preview was very good as well.

    You make your Dad very proud !


  3. Kathryn Says:

    Great summary, great game!!!

  4. victoria Says:

    great summation of the game john, i see a writer in your future.
    keep up the good work.

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