Adventures in Mass

We went to Mass on Saturday night because the boys wanted their throats blessed on the exact feast day of St. Blaise.  (Can’t argue with that logic!)  Anyway, while trying to be reverent the following events happened.

 Charlotte was nursing, as she alsways insists upon during Mass, and Joe and I were singing the opening hymn.  (Mind you we always sit in the first pew.)  MaryEllen started making a fuss about something and we were trying to ignore her, at lease until after the hymn.  Well, I realized she was saying, “I need a tissue.”  I looked down and she has a monster booger just under her nose.  (Is that the correct spelling of booger?  It is not in my dictionary.)  One could not help but to laugh and I was trying to do it quietly.  I nudged Joe and told him she needed his hankie.  Well, he looked and he forgot his.  By this time MaryEllen had the booger in her hand, holding it up, still saying she needed a tissue.   What is a nursing mother to do?  I sat down a minute, took her skirt and wiped the booger off of her hand with the underside of her skirt.  At that she started crying and said (quite loudly), “I don’t want a booger on my dress.”  I told her not to worry because no one could see it and it would come off in the wash.  Joe and I were having quite a hard time not laughing out loud.


3 Responses to “Adventures in Mass”

  1. Sue Mairena Says:

    You should write a book of all the adorable and funny anecdotes! I love hearing them! By the way that is how I have always spelled “booger”….

  2. victoria Says:

    that was hilarious! thanks for the laughs..

  3. KC Says:

    Too funny. That’s really, very funny. We never seem to have tissues when the kids are sniffling.

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