Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl Preview by John Vogel

Colts offense:

This Super Bowl coming “Super Bowl XLI” (41), QB Peyton Manning has a perfect passing attack.  WR Marvin Harison has great receiving arms and  rookie Joseph Addie has a great rushing game.  At halftime against New England, losing 21-6, Peyton’s passing attack helped them win 38-34.  Peyton was great in the game, showing off his talent.  Peyton is the first in the Manning family to go to the Super Bowl.

Bears Offense:

That’s right.  QB Rex Grossman has lots of talent.  WR Mushan Mummanad has a lot of receiving talent.  Thomas Jones has a lot of rushing yards and gets long gains.

Bears Defense:

The Bears know who they’re coming to, The Colts.  The Bear’s defense against New Orleans  stopped Drew Brees passing attacks by intercepting 3 passes, and showing they were there to play.  Starring Nathan Vasher, start CB, has lots of things to show.  Ricky Manning, Jr. has a CB arm.  Brian Urchler has over 700 tackles, including 5 seasons with over 100 tackles.

Colts Defense:

The Colts can show off now.   LB Cato June gets a lot of the showoffs.  In 2005, he had 5 interceptions, and in 2006, 3 interceptions.  Gary Bracket has lots of the attention too.  As a LB in the last 2 years, he’s had 6 interceptions.  Nick Harper, the great CB, has had 6 interceptions in the past 2 years.

The Kickers:

Colts’ kicker Adam Vantary was with the Patriots in their Super Bowl wins.  Bears’ kicker Robbie Gold can’t kick 100 points in a season.

When & Where:

At Dolphins Stadium, Miami, Florida

Starts at 4:30 pm Eastern time.  Kickoff at 6:00 pm Eastern time.


Colts 32

Bears 29

What are YOUR predictions?  Please leave them in the comments section.  Thanks!


20 Responses to “Super Bowl Preview”

  1. J.D. (Dad) Says:

    Very realistic prediction. I disagree with your prediction. I believe the Colts are going to get beat REALLY BAD…

    BEARS – 42
    colts – 10

    Keep up the good blogs John.


  2. Homer Says:

    Colts by 7!

  3. Homer Says:

    Colts by 7.

  4. Greg Says:

    I remember the Colts as the big rival of the Washington Redskins when they were the Baltimore Colts, but I don’t hold a grudge…I predict that the Colts will win, just because I can’t think of anything good about Chicago or bears. Score 21-14 Colts win! We’ll know for sure after the game!


  5. Tina Says:

    Well John, I do not know much about football, but you sure have done your Homework, I will be waiting to see the outcome!!! You may have a future in newscasting????

  6. Tom-E Says:

    I think the team that has Mickey Mouse waffles and 4 glasses of grape juice for breackfast wins.

  7. JOHN VOGEL Says:

    Reply to Uncle Homer

    I went to a lot of following up this season.
    You got to know how to do it.


  8. JOHN VOGEL Says:

    Reply to MR. Greg Gabbet

    You know better!


  9. JOHN VOGEL Says:

    Reply to MRS Tina Borrick

    How is it out there in Arizona?
    We miss you!


  10. JOHN VOGEL Says:

    TO:Uncle Tom

    Hey there!
    Your NO 1 Uncle!


  11. JOHN VOGEL Says:

    You think so !
    Well I do!


  12. mary lou Says:

    I sure hope you’re right! The Colts were always Uncle Joe in Colorado’s favorite team when we were little so I’ve always wanted them to win… but then again, the Bears beat the Saints after they beat the Eagles so you have to like them…
    Either way, you sure know your football! Way to go, John!
    Love, Aunt Mary Lou

  13. Marybeth Says:


    I hope the Bears win on Sunday. Otherwise I am going to have a VERY disappointed husband not to mention his six brothers, our son, nephews and brother-in-laws. You did a great job on your predictions. You just can’t discount Chicago sports teams and the fire the fans give them…plus my Mom and all her prayers during the game. 🙂

    Manning is my favorite QB in the NFL, but this Sunday I have to be all about the Bears.

    Are you going to do a recap post on Monday?

    Mrs. Held

  14. Laura Says:

    Hi John!

    I have passed on this excellently researched info to a friend of mine who… gambles…. small bets, of course. He has been undecided on how to place his bet for the Superbowl, and hopefully, your estimation will give him some direction. I, of course, don’t have much interest in the game, and probably will not watch it, so I look forward to a good summary on Monday…!

    your cousin Laura

  15. Julie in WI Says:

    Bears 32
    Colts 29

    From a MO Friend of your mom!

  16. Kathryn Says:

    I have no predictions, but am showing this to my husband who will love it! Thanks John!


  17. Jennifer Says:

    Awesome write up, John!

    I’m rootin’ for the Refs! LOL

    Blessings & kudos,

  18. Heather - NY Says:

    Colts by 14!!! Go Manning!!!

  19. Ann Says:

    Hi John,

    I predict the Colts will pull it out in a close one! I’m really looking forward more to the commercials than the game.
    Enjoy the game!
    Aunt Ann
    Go Navy!!!

  20. Fr. John Vogel Says:

    Hi John,

    Very good reasoning! I’m with your dad, I think the Bears will surprise people. I think it will be a close game, maybe obly one touchdown margin. I liked the person who said they were rooting for the refs, talk about cheering on the underdogs!

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