Today…All About Mom’s Day

This morning started in the usual way, sound of children’s voices, morning prayers, changing diapers, etc.  But today was different.  On Sunday my friend Marilyn and I made plans for a Moms Day out.  There are several Mom’s night outs (about 2 a month), but we seem to have trouble getting to these.  So, she asked if I wanted to go out during the day.  Well, do I?  I was so ready for a break! 

 I drove to her house, about 35 minutes away.  Before I left my driveway, I saw a few children at the door.  MaryEllen was all red and crying, “I don’t want you to leave!” she yelled.  Kevin was standing there holding Charlotte.  They were both waving until Charlotte realized I was leaving and she started crying too.   I was so sad, but funny at the same time. 

Marilyn did the rest of the driving.  We started out at JoAnn’s Fabric in Cool Springs, TN.  That might possibly be the largest one, certainly the largest one I have ever seen.  She helped me pick out fabric for some maternity clothes.  (I am having a horrible time finding some that are decent!)  They, along with WalMart were out of maternity panels.  Actually the only reason why we went to WalMart was to look for those panels and the lady said they haven’t carried them in 6 or 7 years. 

Next was lunch.  We went to this quaint little Italian resturant in Nashville, somewhere, out of the way.  We had a lovely little lunch.  After lunch we went to Wild Oats market and then to Costco.  We ran into Fr. B. in Costco and then I saw a girl who used to work in the Winchester, VA Costco.   Next we didn’t know what to do with ourselves with out children so we decided on a book store.  It was great because I got to show Marilyn a bunch of children’s books that we have really enjoyed.    Then it was back home before the rush hour.  When I got back home a bunch of  children came out to hug me and tell me how happy they were that I was home!  Ahhh, motherhood.  What a blessing.  

After that little break today I feel refreshed and ready to be a calm, patient, cheerful Mommy again.   (We’ll see how long THAT lasts!)

This evening after the children went to bed I swept and washed the kitchen, mudroom, school room, and laundry room floors.  Tomorrow will be the den floors and vacuuming 2 of the bedrooms.   A midwife whom we have never met is coming over and I don’ t want first impressions to be that we are slobs!   However, she has 4 small children of her own, so I suppose she is used to it somewhat. 

 There are also some pictures on my camera from 2 Sundays ago that I want to post.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get Joe to get them downloaded for me.  He’s in bed already tonight.  So, stay tuned!

 One more thing, please keep my friend Dian and her family in your prayers.  Her younger sister, Stephanie died this morning from a brain tumor.    May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.  Amen


4 Responses to “Today…All About Mom’s Day”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I enjoyed reading about your day! It sounds very refreshing!

  2. Lisbet Says:

    What a busy and fun day. Maternity shopping is a nightmare, isn’t it?? Are you planning a homebirth? Glad you had a great day!

  3. Heather - NY Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day out. It’s nice to leave and nice to come back home!!!

  4. mary lou Says:

    not enough posting lately!!!
    and can you please email me … i’ve realized i don’t have your email address on this notebook.
    i need to know if there’s anything MaryEllen would really like?

    thanks, mary lou

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