Upcoming Adventures Planned

Our schooling has grown a bit mundane lately.  Before Christmas we had started the first unit of Connecting with History, Vol. 1.  The boys enjoyed reading the Bible (as they usually do) and Science in Ancient Mesopotamia.  We stopped for the holidays.  Now we are back in full swing and started working on Unit 2 yesterday.   We were reading about Abraham.   One of the recommended resources is Old Testament Days.   In it are projects that have to do with the life and times of Abraham.  This coming week we will be working on sleeping mats, making clothing, jewelry, and even food from that time period.    Although the book is recommended for the younger grades, my eldest (5th grade) is really looking forward to it all.   After our day in Abraham’s time we will reinforce things and move onto some projects in the book Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors.  In the section of this book that we’ll be working on concentrates on the Mesopotamians.   We will (hopefully) be making a house model and a cone mosaic out of styrofoam and gold tees, a clay cylinder seal, and working on a hanging loom.  We also hope to make some model ziggurats.    The children and I are really looking forward to these projects and reading more about this time period in history.  I’ll have my camera handy!


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