There was a time when I was the mother of 3 boys.  It was really fun, but when I had MaryEllen it took some getting used to.   Her Godmother was the first to get her a doll.  When I was in labor with  Charlotte, the midwife’s assistant asked me if I had any pony tail holders for MaryEllen.  To be honest, the thought of these girly things never occured to me.  Charlotte however is in luck!  She learns plenty from her big sister.  When MaryEllen is getting her hair brushed, Charlotte will try and push her out of the way to get hers brushed instead.   If MaryEllen wants ponytails, guess who else wants them now?  The other day I snapped these shots.  It was the first time I put Charlotte’s hair in ponytails.  She promply took one out, but then gave me the ponytail hoder and wanted it back in. 

pigtales-6-update.JPG    pigtales-3-update.JPG   pigtales-2-update.JPG


One Response to “Pigtales”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I love the middle picture. She is too cute! My girls do not like their hair up.
    What a cutie pie!!!

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