Today Is…

The first Anniversary of my Dad’s death.  My father had a wonderful sense of humor.  Here is a quote:  “I once thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.”



Dad is the old man in the middle pictured with his children, our spouses, and his grandchildren in 2000 (My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.)

Today is  also the Anniversary of my husband’s uncle Bill Vogel’s death.    Uncle Bill was a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force.  He must be a saint because he had two children whom we love dearly and one of them is a priest! 


Uncle Bill is on the right.  This was taken during WWII.

Today is also the day when my husband’s late sister was born.  It would have been her 61st birthday.  When she knew she was going to die from ovarian cancer, she called her relatives and said goodbye.  (We were with her that day.)  She also told my husband that when she died we should have party.  After all, she said, “I feel sorry for you guys.  You have to stay here.  I’m going to a better place.”


This is Lucy and her husband George, and their dogs Muffin & Doogie.  It was taken in 1992.


This is a picture of my husband’s Uncle Bill, sister Lucy, mother, and father.  It was taken in 1991.


One Response to “Today Is…”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I will pray for your family. I am sure it is a difficult day for all of you. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

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