Our Epiphany Party

I did not get the pictures that I would have liked to, but here are some.  We celebrated Epiphany on the evening of January 6 at the home of our good friends, Mr. & Mrs. Gabbett.  Everyone loves to go there for anything, but a party was a little extra special. 

First we had a  Christmas present for them.  (Perhaps we should call it a ‘Little Christmas’ present).  It was a pitcher for thier kitchen.  mrs-gabbett-1-update.JPG

Second, the chess games began.  All the boys (young and older) love chess.  The girls got dinner ready, played with lots of neat toys, and read books.  We had a wonderful dinner with Turkey vulture meatballs, “cream” of broccoli soup (AKA Fr. Pokorsky’s favorite soup), and bread.   For desert there was a King’s cake (see birthday recipes.)  The jewels were non-dairy grain sweetened chocolate chips and the children’s favorite candy from the health food store known around here as shotgun bullets.

After dinner, while Dad and Mr. Gabbett played a very long chess game (that ended in a tie!), most of the children and the ladies made crowns.   Mr. Gabbett had gotten crowns from Burger King that morning and had put a little Christmas tree over the BK symbol.  I brought Catholic stickers of all kinds and Mrs. Gabbett had gotten glitter glue and chirstian foam stickers.  Everyone, except James who didn’t want to make one, had a wonderful time decorating the crowns.   After the crowns were done, Mr. Gabbett blessed the house with blessed chalk.    I wish there was a picture of that!

Here are some pictures:

epiphany-cake-update.JPG   epiphany-7-update.JPG   epiphany-4-chess-update.JPG

epiphany-1-update.JPG   epiphany-2-update.JPG   epiphany-3-update.JPG

epiphany-5-update.JPG   epiphany-6-update.JPG  

The next day was Sunday.  We went to Mass and when we came home Dad blessed our home with the blessed chalk and then we found out we are expecting!!!


2 Responses to “Our Epiphany Party”

  1. Ruth Says:

    My husband would have LOVED to be there for that Chess game. The kids are beautiful and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    God bless you.

  2. Laura Louise Says:

    That cake looks really good…!

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