This Week…

Well, where have we been?  Tom and Tarin (my brother and neice) came to town.  They got here late Tuesday night, so we all went over on Wednesday morning for Mickey Mouse waffles.  The children were so excited to see their favorite female cousin again.  It had been since last January that they saw her.    After breakfast there were presents to be opened.   (THANK YOU Mary Lou & the Als!!!!  and THANK YOU Lee, Carolann, Lee Jr., & Dale!!!!) 

 uncle-toms-1-update.JPG    uncle-toms-2-update.JPG   uncle-toms-3-update.JPG

uncle-toms-4-update.JPG   uncle-toms-5-update.JPG

There were lots of games to play once the presents were opened.   We left there in the early afternoon.   



The photo above shows Tom hiding MaryEllen during a hide and seek game. 

On Thursday morning it was back to their house.  The children had breakfast while Joe and I went off to close on our new 7.75 acres adjoining our land.  We were thrilled to be able to purchase this land.  (More about that later!)  We went back to Tom’s and found the children playing games again.  Then most went out to play more football.  Everyone had a great time, except for Charlotte who was tired and having a fit.  That being said I, you’ll know why I  din’t  get any football pictures. 

On Friday it was all work at Uncle Tom’s, but the boys wanted to go anyway.  So I dropped them off for a few hours.  I made some Cilantro Corn chowder for the babysitters who were coming that evening, our good friends Greg and Dian.   I picked the boys up and proceeded to tell them exactly what chores they were to do the minute they got into the house.  James response was a whiny, “I’m sick of doing work.”

 That evening Tom, Tarin, Joe, & I went to the Grand Ole Opry.  I was there when I was in 2nd grade, but don’t remember much.  We all had a good time!  It was a late night, but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  When we got home around 12:30 am, John was still awake!  It was probably the latest he has stayed up ever. 

 On Saturday we took Tarin to 5:30 Mass since they were leaving for New Jersey early on Sunday monring.    We all hate to see them go!  We hope you all had a lovely week.


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