A Wonderful Christmas Gift

My huband has a cousin who is a nun, Sr. Mary Vogel, HSSR.   Her birth name is Charlotte Mary, so she has a special spot in her heart for our little Charlotte Mary.  Every once in a while we’ll get a little package from her for Valentine’s day or somthing like that with lollie pops or some treat for the children.  One special treat was the year 2000.  She said all her father wanted for Christmas was a picture of her.  We were all blessed to recieve a copy.  My husband has not seen her in 40 or so years and I have never met her in person, so it was wonderful to see what she looks like.  In the picture there is Fr. David Verhalen (age 72), Sr. Mary (age 60) and Fr. Denis Walsh (age 65).


 When a package arrived a few days ago there was much excitement.  In it was a little gift for Charlotte.  When she opened it and saw the bear she smiled.  She was sick that day so a smile was a very big deal.   There was a tin full of candy canes that we’ll hang on the tree and a DVD set of “The Gospel of John” movie.  Then there was a gold Christmas ball for the tree.  It is called “Memories Forever” and it is a recordable talking ornament.  There is a picture of Sr. Mary on it.  You slide a button on the bottom of the ornament  over to “play,” push the top and there is Sr. Mary’s voice telling us she thought she would come hang out on our Christmas tree and pray by our crib and that she loves us all.  We have all really enjoyed hearing her voice.  God bless you, Sr. Mary and we hope to meet you in person one day soon.  We love you, too.


2 Responses to “A Wonderful Christmas Gift”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    What a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!

  2. Thank You, Sister Mary « Adventures in Bodenburg Says:

    […] You, Sister Mary I have blogged about Sr. Mary, Joe’s cousin, before. She has a soft spot for Charlotte, her namesake. She sent a nice package for Charlotte’s […]

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