Oh the Joy Continues…

Well, Charlotte still vomits at dinner.  Is it sickness or is it my cooking?  (Actually MaryEllen went through this same thing about 2 months ago!)  Last night after finally getting Charlotte to sleep John was up.  He had quite the case of hives!  After covering the boy in calamine lotion we sent him back to bed.  About an hour later he tossed his cookies in his bed.  He had been coughing pretty bad and told me that prompted the tossing activity.   This morning the hives were completely gone.  Well, this afternoon he started to not feel good in the belly and he really tossed his cookies!  Arg!  I am just hoping and praying that the entire household does not get it.   I think I’ll hold off on the pictures today!

 In other news….sometimes MaryEllen will get very upset if she thinks you are giong in the house without her or not waiting for her.   Today while I was walking  toward the house she started screaming at me and crying.  When I asked what the matter was, she looked at me with a pout face and   replyed, “I just swallowed a ladybug.”  I just could not help but to laugh at that.


One Response to “Oh the Joy Continues…”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Sending some get well soon prayers your way!!! I hope it is all over before Christmas!!!

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