Sunday Adventures!

Today in Tennessee (at least this part) it is just beautiful.  The sun is shining, all the windows are open, and it is in the 70s!  We went to Mass this morning and the children were very well behaved.  We also got to see and talk to some good friends of ours who we had not seen in a long time.   After that we loaded up into the van and drove about a mile when Charlotte (age 1 1/2) started throwing up!   The poor little child didn’t know what to do.  It was even coming out of her nostrils.  I jumped back with a blanket to try and catch some, or clean it up, or do somehthing.  Whe she finally stopped she kept looking at the mess, holding her hand to me, and giving me  the most pitiful look.  So, we got home, got her in the tub and started the laundry. 

About an hour later, I was trying to make some tuna fish.  All of a sudden I hear Charlotte starting to throw up again.   She had been drinking water.  So with dishtowel in hand, I went to the floor to try and help her.  As the watery stuff is coming out of her mouth she was looking at the dishwasher, pointing, and trying to tell me something.   When I finally looked over in that direction, there sat a cute little mouse!  I yelled there was a mouse and everyone came running to see it. 

After all was said and done I came to my computer to blog about it.  Sitting here is a paragraph with a note that says, “to be scaned onto the Blog.”  So, here  is Kevin’s version of the story:


by Kevin Vogel, age 8

Hi!  My name is Kevin.  I would like to tell you  something that changed Charlotte’s life.  She started to throw up and say, “Eh! Eh!”  Mom yelled out, “Mouse!  Joe, there is a mouse in the kitchen.”  Dad came out and wrapped it in a towel and went outside.   Fluffy (our cat) was in Liga’s pen.  James brought him out.  Dad let the mouse go.  I said nothing.  “Here Fluffy,” I called.  Fluffy saw the mouse and pounced on it and ate it.****

 All this and it is not even 2:00 yet!  I wonder what the rest of the day will hold. 

 I just remembered, I heard Kevin saying, “Wow, Charlotte is a good watch baby.” 


One Response to “Sunday Adventures!”

  1. Aunt Marie Says:

    I was wondering if Fluffy left any mouse body parts to be identified by the children?

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