Happy Birthday Steven Tooth!!!!

Well, to make a long story short, the Tooth’s (Maddie & Glenn) are my best friends in New Jersey where I grew up.  They have 3 lovely children, Steven, Christine, & Irene.  We first met when I swapped babysitting jobs with my sister one New Year’s Eve when they had just moved to our parish.  Then we kept running into eachother and these children became very special to me.  Today is Steven’s birthday.

steve-49ers.JPG     steven-swing.JPG   tooths-lighthouse.JPG   steve-john-christine.JPG

Steven has had a cross to bear since he was 13 years old.  Some of it I have had the destinct priveldge to witness.  He bears it with such grace that many around him are not even aware of it.  I have also had the fun of taking Steven and his sisters on many adventures including Cape May, NJ, Six Flags Great Adventure, Washington DC, and many other places.  There were a few years where I had the pleasure of ribbing him about his favorite team the 49ers after Joe Montana left.  That was back in the day when the Redskins were really good and whipping those 49ers!!!!  Ahhh, those were good days.  One night after he went to bed his mother loaned me her makeup so I could dress him up a bit.  I was told he got up before everyone else and washed it off and still swears to this day that it never happened!  (I should have had the camera!)  I also seem to remember one trip to Great Adventure (back when my biggest fears were heights and spiders) where we the Tooth children and I were stuck on the very top of a very large ferris wheel.  Steven had a  devilish grin as he opened and shut the door just to scare me to death.  While that was going on a spider crawled out from under the seat.  My hands get sweaty just thinking about it.  I also seem to remember some trail ride when I heard him complain as my horse, which happened to be in front of him, dropped a nice smelly load.   Ahh, those memories.

 OK, now into the present.  Steven, I don’t even know how old you are.  I was thinking about it.  Since Christine is in the Air Force, and has been for a few years, and Irene is married, does that make you about 25???  If so, when did you get so old?  Also, if you can’t already tell, I need a newer picture of you!!!  God bless you and we Love you so much!!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Steven Tooth!!!!”

  1. Maria Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Steven! God loves you so much!

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    […] one, from Sunday to Friday.  We feel blessed and privledged to have spent that time with him.  Here is the post that I did for his 25th birthday.  Below are some pictures from our trip in May of […]

  3. My Office in the School Room « Adventures in Bodenburg Says:

    […] wanted himself, but was considered too old for.  When I grew up I gave it to a little boy named Steven.  After Steven passed away, his parents gave this back to me.  He kept it in his room all those […]

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