Photos for the Christmas cards

On one of my e-mail lists there was a discussion about taking pictures for the Christmas cards every year.  We have 2 that I chose and put in the cards.  I thought I would put a couple here that didn’t make the cut.

 fall061b-updated.JPG     fall062bupdate.JPG

6 Responses to “Photos for the Christmas cards”

  1. Heather - New York Says:

    You have a beautiful family!!!

  2. Nissa Says:

    Kristen, Your children are BEAUTIFUL! And… I’m coming by on my birthda – those recipes look great!



  3. Rebecca Says:

    Your children have such beautiful, happy smiles!

  4. Kathryn Says:

    The pictures are great, the kids are just cutie pies!!!

  5. Ruth Tucker Says:

    Your children are beautiful!!!!!

  6. Christi Says:

    So which of the two fluffy cats is the Fluffy that ate Charlotte’s mouse?


    You have a beautiful family.

    Christi AKA mum2twelve

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