Happy 10th Birthday, John!!!

Wow, I can hardly believe that is was 10 years ago today, at 10:04 am that I gave birth to our wonderful eldest son, John.  


 This picture was taken by our dear friend Marie Ambrose when John was 7 days old.  It is my favorite baby picture of him.

In case you don’t know, John LOVES football, especially NFL.  We gave up our TV service years ago, so John gets his updated from the internet ( www.nfl.com ) and he studies the NFL Record and fact book as well as old almancs and encyclopedias to learn more about he game and players.    Joe went out and bought him some football pants and all kinds of padding.  He was thrilled.  Before we gave him the presents from us, the mailman came up.  He brought  the much anticipated package from Aunt Mary Lou.   John opened it up to find an Eagles jacket and calender, and a book set during he Civil War (Behind Rebel Lines, by Seymour Reit.)  Needless to say John was quite pleased with his gifts. 

   The boys went out for their football games as usual.  Our side pasture is affectionately named “the football field.”  The boys talk of building bleechers there.  John also spent some quiet time up in his bed reading today. 

Later in the evening we went to Sunday Vigil Mass.  John had told me that he wanted to serve on his birthday as soon as he figured out it was on a Saturday, months ago.  He said to  me, very matter-of-factly, “It would really be the best thing for my birthday.”   

We came home from Mass and had my infamous “spinach things”  and salad for dinner.  Then we had the sheet cake!  This year, after eating very healthy since 1999 and trying all kinds of cake recipes that are dairy and refined-sugar free, I finally came up with a cake recipe that everyone likes.  Since the kids read Tomie DePaola’s 26 Fairmont Avenue books, they always want sheet cakes because that is what Tomies’s mother always used to make.  After that everyone helped with the dishes and got to stay up an hour later than usual.  Birthdays are so special.

 Things heard around the house today:

“I want a Birthday like this,”  said James, who wants football stuff as much as John does.

“In 10 years you’ll be a man,”  Kevin said speaking to John.   Mother almost choked on birthday cake at that thought! 

“A few more inches and he’ll be taller than you,” said my dear husband to me while John was next to me drying dishes,

johns-birthday-2-update.JPG   johns-birthday-1-update.JPG   johns-birthday-3-update.JPG


4 Responses to “Happy 10th Birthday, John!!!”

  1. Renee Says:


    My 10 year old is also about 3 inches from passing me up.

    I know how you feel!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Happy Birthday John!!!

  3. Heather - New York Says:

    Happy Birthday to John! What a wonderful birthday. I’m sure my 11 year old Lenny would love to play with your kids on “the football field”!!! I’d love to have that recipe for a healthy birthday cake, if you’re willing to share the secret recipe 🙂
    Blessings, Heather from M-O

  4. Aunt Mary Lou Says:

    Happy Birthday John! Looks like you had a great day. I’m so glad you liked your gift! And your team might win today!!

    Love, Aunt Mary Lou

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