November 18 was our 11th Anniversary!

Since we weren’t blogging then, I couldn’t post about it.  A few weeks prior to our Anniversary,  we read in our diocesean newspaper about a Byzantine Mass being celebrated that evening in Nashville and that the Bishop of Nashville would be in attendance. We can never resist seeing His Emminence because we always come away from him feeling so hopeful. 

I made a list of places that we might like to visit that wouldn’t cost too much money.  First on our list was the Dominican Sisters’ place.  I printed out directions from their website,  so we headed there first. We never made it. We followed the directions, but we seemed to be leaving Nashville.  When we finally decided to turn aroun,  I looked on a map and decided to try to get to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Well, we found it and it was a beautiful place. Here are some pictures.

    cheekwood-jap-tree-family.JPG   cheekwood-joe.JPG   cheekwood-japan-family.JPG

me-char-cheekwood.JPG   me-char-cheekwood-close.JPG

After we left the gardens, we headed to Germantown.  Assumption Church is located there.  It was a beautiful old church, especially on the inside, which unfortunatly we didn’t get pictures of .  However, there are a few snapshots outside…

assumption-chruch-top.JPG      assumption-church-with-sign.JPG   assumption-steps-better.JPG

Amazingly, the children were so well behaved.  We got there about an hour early and the Mass was longer than a Roman rite.  But, everyone behaved.  Archbishop Schott was a wonderful homilist as well.  At thereception afterwards, John couldn’t wait to meet the Archbishop to ask him the all-important question, “Do you know Mr. Dan Rooney?”  For those of you who are not NFL fans, Mr. Rooney is the owner of the Pittsburg Steelers and is also Catholic.  Well, John came back all smiles because not only did the Archbishop know Mr. Rooney, he had also met the Steelers Quarterback a few times.  Here is a link to the article.  We had a wonderful day!


2 Responses to “November 18 was our 11th Anniversary!”

  1. Leonie Says:

    Happy anniversary – even if its late. Very nice pics – and welcome to the 4 real learning blogs. 🙂

  2. krisvog Says:

    Thank you, Leonie. I only hope I do as good of a job as all the other bloggers here!

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