“Ha, ha, ha, I got him!!!”

Let’s start at the beginning.  One of those county cats that comes and eats the food here is a black cat with white paws.  He is by far the pesk-e-est and goes after our little runt of a cat and tears her up.  So, he is the most wanted around here.  

 John came up with a plan and his Dad helped him carry it out.  They have a pretty good sized cardboard box on the front porch.   The box is all closed up except for a flap on the side near the bottom they cut out in the shape of a mouse hole.  It is decoated with red crayon words that say things like, “Black cats welcome!”    It puzzles me a bit how it works, but apparantly it does work.  The cat food is put in the box so that when one looks out the front window of our house, they can see the cat tail sticking out of the box.  When they see a tail, perferably belonging to the black cat, they sneak up on it and close the flap.

On more than one occasion I have heard the “I got him” call.  The first one was when they accidently boxed Shabby (my favoite cat!)  Then, of coarse, perhaps on purpose, Fancy and Fluffy got their turns as well.  One night a county cat was caught, but managed to escape through the side of the box.  Dad and the boys had to reenforce that. 

Tonight was different.  It was after dark and I was making my way out to the compost pile.    Next came John, laughing like a mad man boy and yelling, “I got him, ahh, ha, ha, ha!!!  I got the opossom!” 

“What,” I screamed, “You have the opossom in that box right now?” 

“Yes!  Ahh, ha, ha, ha, I finally got him,”  John yelled.

“Does your father know about this?”  Mother inquired.

“He will in a minute,” yelled John.

 So, Dad came out and tried to figure out how to get this thing out of the box.  He did get it out safely and a short lecture on not capturing wild animals was given.  Ahh, life here in Bodenham…never a dull moment.


2 Responses to ““Ha, ha, ha, I got him!!!””

  1. Donna Marie Says:

    aah a man…no… a boy with a mission!! With kids, life is NEVER “ordinary”…
    new days=new adventures ;o)

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Sounds like it was very exciting!!!

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