Holly Nog

We do not consume dairy here.  That being said, my children ususally drink water.  But, every once in a while they get a treat.   The last time we went to Huntsville, we bought VitaSoy Holly Nog at the health food store.   When they asked this morning if they could have some, I was in a good mood and said “yes!” 

 A few minutes later I asked MaryEllen to get dressed. She didn’t want to because, “I’m afraid Charlotte is going to drink my holy water, I mean holy nog, I mean…”  I helped her out by saying, “holly nog?”   “Yes, that’s it,”  she replied. 

 As I am sitting here typing this MaryEllen is once again next to me.  “Mom, can I have some more holy water?  I mean…what’s this stuff called again?”


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