Finally, A Blog

Wow,  I cannot believe that I finally have a blog.  The first time the term ever crossed my ears was when my good friend Judy over at mentioned that she wanted a seminarian to start one.  Not wanting to look really stupid, I didn’t ask what it was.  Now, a few years later, there are many blogs that I enjoy on a regular basis. 

Sometimes as we walk around this beautiful land of ours where we live there are pictures that just beg to be taken and put on a blog.  One day there was a perfectly formed snake skin coiled around a branch of a pine tree.  I had never seen a skin like that before.  Also, it did NOT have round eyes, so I suspect it was a Copperhead, but those eye holes were so perfectly formed.  The thought occured to me that all my nature loving homeschool friends would love to see it.  But, sadly, I was not carrying the camera, nor did I have a blog.  I suspect now that this blog has been created, I might walk around with the digital camera all the time!

 Another reason to blog?  Sometimes there are funny and touching stories that I’ll write to a friend and wish that it could be shared with more.  That can be done now.  For example, one friend e-mailed me a letter that I had written her a few months prior about my son.  Perhaps it will make you smile…

Kevin was quite upset with me today because he didn’t want to do his math lesson. He ended up taking the entire day to get it done! Anyway, at one point, I suppose after I yelled a bit (me, yell?!) he wrote a note: “Mom use to be My Mother.  NOW she hates me.  She does not let me eat.  Its not fare to me, but its fare to her.   Nododey likes me except John.   He is the only one who likes me. ritin by Kevin Vogel my old mother now Kristin”

Here are two other little tid-bits…

The other day MaryEllen (age 3) could not find one of her sandles. She was talking a mile a minute. This is some of what I heard (read this very fast to keep up with her!), “I can not find my other sandle. I asked St. Anthony to come down and help me look for it, but he did not come. I have to help him to find it, but he will help me….” This morning MaryEllen asked who gave Charlotte to us. I replyed that God did. MaryEllen said, “But I didn’t see God when he brought her here.” 

There you have it…a small glimse into our lives.  I am looking forward to journaling here.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading it.


7 Responses to “Finally, A Blog”

  1. Heather - New York Says:

    I love your daughter Mary Ellen’s speech about St. Anthony. How precious!!!

  2. KC Says:

    Great blog!! Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Laura Says:

    This is great! Now we just need the kids to start blogging!!!

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Hi Kristen!!! I love that you have a blog now, I can’t wait to read more!!!

  5. allaire Says:

    what fun! hope there will be photos as well.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Kristen, So glad we will be able see how your life is unfolding down south! Can’t wait to see pictures of you and the kids! God bless.

  7. Michele Q. Says:


    Welcome to the world of blogging! I love the picture you have as your banner. I look for to reading about your family’s adventures!

    God bless!

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