Fancy Ate a Mouse!

Actually, a statement like this is heard pretty frequently around here.  We have 3 outside cats (Fancy is one of them) and a barn.  We do feed the cats, but every other stray cat and opossum from county come to nibble on it.  So, lucky for our cats,  plenty of mice live around our barn. 

 Today’s exclamation was a bit different.  My eldest boy (10) and my eldest girl (3) came running in to tell me.  MaryEllen told me that they weren’t going to tell me that they were down by the barn.  I looked at John and told MaryEllen that she just had.  They are not really suppose to go down there without permission. 

John then proceeded to tell me every detail of the mouse (while I was eating, no less!). 

“I pointed out the liver and the heart and all the other parts to MaryEllen,” he said.  

Then Kevin, (who still has not finished his work) chimed in, “What color was the heart.” 

“A Bluish color,” answered John.

By this time my face was clearly showing the Mom-is-grossed-out-look. 

“Please, I’m eating,” I reminded them. 

 These children, as grossed out as Mom might be, are learning so much and loving it without even knowing it.  It makes me, once agian, so greatful for this land that we live on where they can run around and explore.  It also reminds me to pray to their Guardian Angels!  And to think, about an hour ago, I was contemplating that little Catholic school 8 miles away.  (Well, it wouldn’t be honest if I said the thought never crosses my mind, but not too often!)

 Update:  John just couldn’t contain himself any longer and had to show me the “mouse.”  By the time we got out there all that was left was the heart and liver down by the drainage ditch.  The heart was bright red.  John doesn’t know if it changed color in the air or if he was mistaking it for another body part. 


3 Responses to “Fancy Ate a Mouse!”

  1. Donna Marie Says:

    LOL! I love it…this is REAL learning, Kristen ;o)

    I love your blog!! I do like the name! But, I still like “Neumann’s Own” (sp?) ha ha!

  2. krisvog Says:

    I like Newmann’s Own, but I was worried about copyright! Also, my husband came up with this name. Gotta love that!

  3. paul_p Says:

    agree man

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